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Please Save St. Ignatius of Antioch Church!

Bishop Richard Lennon:

We the undersigned are asking you to not close St. Ignatius of Antioch Church.  Our church was built in 1903, and has had a strong following for over 106 years.  The church is a city landmark, and when you drive through the West Side, you see the bell tower and the lights beaconing you to come and worship God.  Why close such a strong visual for the Lord?

We quote from the church's website:

"St. Ignatius of Antioch parish has celebrated 106 years of service to the people of God in western Cleveland. The church has been a beacon of light, figuratively and literally, to the surrounding community, supporting parishioners and residents alike through all events of celebration and heartache. The church building, constructed of Bedford limestone in the Romanesque tradition, has survived physically because of the diligent care of its pastors and the faithful who have supported the spiritual, educational and communal activities that are the hallmarks of this thriving community of believers."

We are a thriving community of believers who try to spread the message of God throughout Cleveland and the surrounding communities.  We are a lifeline to the poor in the community.  Closing down the church would mean cutting off services to the poor and needy, and

closing down inner-city churches risk isolating poor Catholics from the right to worship. 

St.  Ignatius is everything a Catholic church should be--we have an integrated church and school, with a wide representation of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, from all walks of life.  Closing the church would be a real blow to the neighborhood.  We are asking the Catholic Diocese to take a stand and reconsider their decision.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.


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